Layer 2 VPN architectures by Anthony Chan, Carlos Pignataro, Dmitry Bokotey, Wei Luo

Layer 2 VPN architectures

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Layer 2 VPN architectures Anthony Chan, Carlos Pignataro, Dmitry Bokotey, Wei Luo ebook
Page: 648
ISBN: 1587058480, 9781587058486
Publisher: Cisco Press
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ISP backbone networks provide the same network infrastructure for several customers and. Using Recursive LISP Canonical Address Encodings . Wei Luo, Carlos Pignataro, Anthony Chan, Dmitry Bokotey; Layer 2 VPN Architectures Other important Books: # Traffic Engineering with MPLS # QoS for IP/MPLS networks. With 802.1Q tunneling, company The Cisco Catalyst 3750 Metro Series supports equally architecture choices since the PE-CLE swap inside the H-VPLS accessibility network. NO dynamic routing protocol support or VPN support, The firewall control plane cannot insert itself into the IP circuit and cannot provide a lot of services. Cisco Press – Optical Network Design and Implementation(2004).chm. Cisco Press – Network Security Fundamentals.chm. Deploying IPv6 networks IPv6 Fundamentals Internet Routing Architectures QoS for Ip/MPLS networks. Cisco Press – Layer 2 VPN Architectures.chm. SSL-VPN will provide a value-added service. Anthony Chan, Carlos Pignataro, Dmitry Bokotey, Wei Luo. Introduction The LISP architecture and protocols [RFC6830] introduces two new numbering spaces, Endpoint Identifiers (EIDs) and Routing Locators (RLOCs) which are intended to replace most use of IP addresses on the Internet. ASCII Names in the Mapping Database . 802.1Q tunneling allows support organizations to supply a Layer two VPN service, often referred to as Layer 2 transparent LAN products and services (TLS) or Ethernet LAN products and services, using a VLAN-in-VLAN hierarchy and marking the labeled packets.